My name is Iwan Meester and I am the founder of Masterbirds, I started the company out of my love for animals. I grew up in a house full of animals, my father bred with chickens and fancy pigeons. I started breeding my own rabbits at the age of 6, in the years after that i expanded to racing pigeons, chickens, ducks and fancy pigeons. Years later I got my masters degree in animal breeding and genetics and became a licenced poultry show judge. The company was founded in 2010 after a couple of succesfull shipments, since then I served costumers from over 30 different countries all around the world. Masterbirds is a company that provides an on request only trading and a quarantine service. The on order only trading service means that a costumer can come to us with a list of animals they want to buy and a payment in advance and we will use our wide network to provide and ship the animals.

Our new location

We are currently working on a new location for the company. This wil result in a larger number of pens and quarantine units to house more animals at once and increase the amount of shipments we can handle, as well as improved quarantine facilities to ensure the health of your animals.